"NanoDays Collection" printed book shipped to active NISE Network partners in the US

Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota
NanoDays Collection compendium cover


In June 2016, the NISE Network shipped a box of printed and digital materials to selected active NISE Network partner museums and universities located in the United States.The NISE Network leadership wants to thank partner organizations for your involvement with the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) and for all your efforts to engage public audiences in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology over the past years. We are pleased to share a compendium of all the NanoDays activities developed over the past ten years. For most partner organizations, we are only mailing one box, so please share these resources with your colleagues and local collaborators.

Materials included in this box are:

NanoDays Collection compendum cover



NanoDays Collection book
A complete compendium of NanoDays activities and resources 

(with attached USB drive containing the Spanish and English digital files
for all the instructions, guides, signs, and activity training videos for NanoDays activities)
Digital files for the guides, the NanoDays materials, and much more are available for download:  http://www.nisenet.org/nanodays-collection-digital-download






DIY Nano book cover




DIY Nano, a book of do-it-yourself science activities that investigate the nanoscale






Collaboration Guide cover image



Museum & Community Partnerships—
Collaboration Guide: For museums working with community youth-serving organizations






Program Development:

A NISE Network guide to creating effective learning experiences for public audiences




NanoDays guide cover 


A NISE Network guide to creating activity kits, building communities, and inspiring learning




Digital versions of these materials

Digital files for the guides, the NanoDays materials, and much more are available for download:  http://www.nisenet.org/nanodays-collection-digital-download

Future NanoDays events

As the NSF award for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network ends, we hope this compendium will enhance your ability to host NanoDays events and strengthen local partnerships. We've selected dates to promote national participation in NanoDays in the years to come. Future NanoDays events will be held: March 25–April 2, 2017; March 31–April 8, 2018; March 30–April 7, 2019; and March 28–April 5, 2020. But you don’t need to wait for NanoDays—please feel free to use these materials all year round!

Transition to the National Informal STEM Education Network

As you may have heard, we are currently transitioning to a new, ongoing identity as the National Informal STEM Education Network. While we'll still be known as the NISE Net, network partners will now engage audiences across the United States in a range of STEM topics. Several new projects are already underway and others are in discussion for the future. You can learn about upcoming opportunities in our monthly e-newsletter: www.nisenet.org/newsletter

Again, many thanks for your continued efforts. We couldn’t do this work without you!

We look forward to collaborating on upcoming projects and opportunities.