NISE Network partners excited to receive the NanoDays 2015 physical kits!

Catherine McCarthy

NanoDays 2015 kit arrives at Virginia Tech

The Science Museum of Minnesota shipped out 250 copies of the NanoDays 2015 physical kits on February 2nd.
Here is a photo of the kits just before they left the warehouse.


If you aren't receiving a physical kit, be sure to check out the NanoDays 2015 digital kit download:  

Check out this time-lapse video showing the complete 2014 fabrication process:

Here we show you a high-speed version of our labor – five weeks wrapped up in two-minutes and twenty-two seconds!


NanoDays 2014 time lapse fabrication video at Minnesota warehouse

2014 NanoDays Kit Fabrication Time Lapse from NISE Network on Vimeo.