See-Through Toasters and More in Five Minutes or Less

Vrylena Olney

Here's one easy way to learn about some new nano applications. Industry analyst Marlene Bourne hosts a 5-minute podcast series called the Bourne Report on "next generation science, cool technologies, and real products" that often features nanotechnology. You can find the full archive here.

Recent podcasts that might be particularly applicable to the NISE Net crowd:

#124 - Staying Warm about a new nano-particle coating that promises to transfer heat efficiently (including the see-through toaster application).

#123 - Clothes that Don't Get Wet about about some new waterproof textiles that take advantage of the lotus effect.

#122 - Educating Kids (and Teachers) about Nanotech which is really focused on formal education and some of Marlene's ideas about how to partner with teachers to address nano topics, but raises a few of the same questions the NISE Net has been grappling with. For example, if teachers and parents know nothing about nanotechnology, how can they be expected to teach it? One of Bourne's suggestions is incorporating nano topics into non-science classes, like math, english, history, sports, and health.

Thanks to Margaret Glass of the Association of Science-Technology Centers and the author of the DC NanoWire blog for sending me the link!