There's nano in that summer camp! Part 1

Vrylena Olney

Photo by Carl Mydans from the LIFE Photo Archive

As I mention in the June Nano Bite newsletter, lots of NISE Net partners are either planning nano-themed summer camps or using nano activities from the NanoDays kit or other sources in their camp programming.

I'll be posting examples all this week, here's one of an entirely nano summer camp program:

The Science Museum of Minnesota is offering "Nanotechnology: What's It All About?", a week-long summer camp for kids ages 9 - 12. Campers explore just how small a nanometer is with Exploring Measurement—Human Body, Cutting It Down to Nano, and Sizing Things Down. Then they experience the challenges and tools associated with working on the nanoscale with The Mitten Challenge Activity and How Can We See What We Cannot See? (Those last two activities were developed by our partners at the University of Wisconsin-Madison MRSEC.) They check out some of the cool properties of nanoscale materials with DNA Nanotechnology, Lotus Leaf Effect, Exploring Materials—Nano Fabric, and Exploring Properties—Surface Area. And they consider the risks and benefits of nanotechnology with Wheel of the Future. SMM camp staff have added in in-depth explorations of socks with nanosilver, ongoing dialogue with guest scientists, and more! To learn more, contact Annie Thompson,