There's nano in that summer camp! Part 3

Vrylena Olney

Mike Rathbun at the Discovery Center Museum in Rockford, IL recently emailed saying that they plan to conduct a 2-day teacher workshop on nanoscale science plus they're attempting daily nano cart demos on their floor all summer. The Introduction to Nanotechnology teacher workshop will be conducted in conjunction with the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and teachers will be able to earn 1 hour of college credit for the class. Mike wrote that the workshop will feature activities from the NanoDays kits "because they are so easily repeatable with our teachers." The Discovery Center Museum will use the kits again, along with demos from the Franklin and NISE Net program kit materials, during the daily cart demos.

Good luck, Mike, let us know how it goes!

Meanwhile, the similarly-named Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Plano, TX is putting on free summer outreach programs this summer, starting with a program next Thursday, June 18th, with over 100 middle school students attending a Mindbender Academy. One of the activities during the Academy will be learning about buckyballs while waiting for a strawberry mixture to strain for DNA extraction.

And the Sci-Tech Discovery Center is doing this all without a building! They're providing outreach in the community now, and excited about opening in a permanent home this fall.