Tips and Resources for NanoDays 2015 event organizers

Catherine McCarthy

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We hope you’re getting excited for NanoDays!
We wanted to let you know about some additional NanoDays resources you may find useful:

NanoDays Activity Training Videos

We now have training videos for all the NanoDays activities and programs from 2008 to 2015. These videos are perfect for staff and volunteer training. For more information and a list of links take a look at this blog post :

NanoDays promotional and marketing materials

Materials include a sample press release you can customize for your institution, promotional 30-second video, logos, clip art, and photos (these were included in your physical kit). We’ve also included icons if you want to put a link on your website to the public audience website: More information and resources  are available here:

NanoDays 2015 events throughout the US!

NanoDays events are happening across the country, from Puerto Rico to Hawaii.
If you are holding a NanoDays event and are not listed on this page, please contact so we can add you to the list. The list is available here:


Free digital NanoDays 2015 kit

The digital kit contains the electronic files for all of the printed materials in the physical kits - you may find it helpful to share this link with your staff or collaborators:


Looking for inspiration for your NanoDays 2015 events? check out these videos from past events 

Many NISE Network partners have created videos about their NanoDays events.

Here is just a small selection of video clips from some past NanoDays events around the country that might provide some inspiration


Recordings from online brown-bag workshops

Recordings of past online workshops including many NanoDays topics:


Sharing photos from your event

We are always happy to receive photos from your event (particularly of your NanoDays team members) if we have a signed NISE Network release form. Here is a set of steps for how to share your photos:


Reporting after your event is over

We'll be sending a link to the online NanoDays report to all NISE Network partners who received a physical 2015 NanoDays kit. ​The reporting deadline for NanoDays is May 1. 

Thanks again for participating in NanoDays 2015!

We look forward to hearing about your events!