Washington DC Nano News - Still Just a Bill

Margaret Glass

authored by Margaret Glass, ASTC

So where did H.R. 5940 go next? For those of you who need a reminder of steps in the process, here’s a link to the classic song and video: I’m Just a Bill. In this case, next stop was a vote by the full House, which took place after about 40 minutes of discussion on June 5. Want to know how your Representative voted? Check out the results of Roll Call 383. Want to know how your representative or senator feels about other science policy issues? Look them up on the Sharp Network. The next day, H.R. 5940 was received in the Senate, read twice and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. How long until it’s debated by the committee? No idea. The House spent months with briefings and informational sessions before the bill even came to the floor in committee. The Senate Commerce Committee held one hearing on the reauthorization in April; you can read the witness’ statements here.