Win Fancy Prizes!

Vrylena Olney

Submit your NanoDays report by May 1st, and we'll enter you in a drawing for a free registration to either the Association of Science-Technology Centers Conference in Fort Worth or the Materials Research Society 2009 Fall Meeting in Boston.

If you held NanoDays events, we really want to hear what you did, and the main way for us to find out what you did is for you to fill out a NanoDays report. Here are three reasons to fill our your report early:

  1. The evaluation and web teams tried really hard to make the form super easy and quick to fill out (those of you who filled out the report last year should be very pleasantly surprised).
  2. Beck Tench, our web community manager, is working on interesting ways to visualize the data so you can see all the stuff that happened during NanoDays. But to make super-cool visualizations of data, Beck needs data.
  3. You can win AWESOME PRIZES, namely, registration to the ASTC or MRS Conferences and a travel stipend to help you get there.

NISE Net folks sporting "I'm Made of Atoms" tattoos at the 2008 ASTC Conference.