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Play doctor in the 21st century! Practice modern medicine by examining all dimensions of the body, from organs to molecules, as an interconnected system. Use innovative tests and treatments to heal your patients, not hurt them. With "Doctor Know," the Arizona Science Center seeks to help teachers, students, and the general public understand how how biomedical innovations are transforming medicine. Players assume the role of a physician who must diagnose and treat patients using a toolkit of tests and treatments. At the start of the game, that toolkit contains familiar, established techniques. Over the course of the game, players can adopt innovative new biomedical tools to diagnose their patients more accurately and treat their ailments more effectively. From supercomputers to bioinformatics to nanotechnologies, "Doctor Know" features dozens of cutting-edge and futuristic tools that will become available in the coming decades. Furthermore, by viewing their patients' bodies as an interconnected system, players can better target their tests and treatments and minimize side effects and suffering. Step into the future of medicine as a doctor in the know! This game complements gallery laboratory experiences, theatrical demonstrations, outreach programs, biomedical lecture series, and online content available from Arizona Science Center at Pathways to Medical Discovery for Educators and Body Depot.


Big Idea

Doctor Know features an array of diagnostic tests and treatments drawn from real-world practice and cutting-edge research. Some of these tools have been in use for decades. Others are have just come to market. And many are still in research labs but promise to transform medicine in the coming decade. Explore them all. Then go to our sister website, Ask a Biologist, to learn more!

Learning Goals

Our bodies are made of smaller components, including cells, and cells have even smaller biochemical components.

Our body systems are interconnected and always active on many levels: molecular, cellular, tissue, organ and more!

People can now engineer diagnostic and therapeutic solutions at the molecular and cellular levels to create precision medicines that target disease cells; minimizing harm to healthy cells and the related side effects. 

People need to partner with computers to organize and search for patterns of disease in massive amounts of data generated by modern diagnostic techniques.

Nano Content Map
Nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanoengineering lead to new knowledge and innovations that weren't possible before.


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