NACK Network Webinar - K-12 Resources in Nanotechnology (Recorded)

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The purpose of the webinar was to share resources available for the inclusion of nanoscale science and engineering into the K-12 curriculum and how this inclusion can meet state science standards. Presenter: Joyce Palmer Georgia Tech NNIN Recorded January 31, 2014 Nanoscale science and engineering (NSE) is truly an interdisciplinary endeavor in that it combines engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, and information technology. This rapidly developing field is expected to impact almost every facet of human life and thus has been termed the "next" technical revolution. For many, the struggle is how to include NSE into the curriculum for K-12 students. This webinar will share a variety of resources (books, online simulations, websites, teacher written lessons, etc.) that can be used to introduce NSE. Examples will be provided to show how NSF can be linked to science curriculum currently being taught and how NSE ties into STEM. The NACK Network offers a live webinar, hosted by MATEC NetWorks, every month to engage and educate those of you that are interested in learning more about nanotechnology related topics.


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Scientists and engineers have formed the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology by investigating properties and manipulating matter at the nanoscale.
Nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanoengineering lead to new knowledge and innovations that weren't possible before.


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