Nanoparticles and Brain Tumors and Nano Startup online games

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Nano Start Up is a science game for students (kids) in grades 5 – 8 to research and develop a business plan for a nano particle. Nanoparticles and Brain Tumors is a series of videos and online activities for students in grades 10 – 12 and early college to develop a nanoparticle and explore its properties, and apply nanoparticle technology to assist in virtual brain surgery. Includes teacher guide and glossary.


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Nanometer-sized things are very small, and often behave differently than larger things do.
Nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanoengineering lead to new knowledge and innovations that weren't possible before.



Supported provided by ESA (Entertainment Software Association) Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Center for Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymeric Biomedical Devices - an Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NSEC), the Ohio State University College of Engineering and the Nanocsale Science and Engineering Cetner,

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The Ohio State University College of Engineering and the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center


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