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National Chemistry Week (NCW) organized by the American Chemical Society (ACS) encourages chemists and chemistry enthusiasts to build awareness of chemistry at the local level. Local Sections, businesses, schools, and individuals are invited to organize or participate in events in their communities with a common goal: To promote the value of chemistry in everyday life.

ACS resources include levent planning materials, logos and marketing materials, and Celebrating Chemistry publication for public audiences.



• October 2019 Theme:  Marvelous Metals. Explores the properties and uses of metals.

• October 2018 Theme: Outerspace. Chemistry Out of This World. Will focus on chemistry of air, plants and water in the outerspace.

• October 2017 Theme: Geochemistry Chemistry Rocks! Will cover the topics on chemistry of rocks.

• October 2016 Theme: "Solving Mysteries Through Chemistry", focusing on the chemistry of forensics and more.

• October 2015 Topic: Color Chemistry

• October 2014 Topic: Candy - Theme: "The Sweet Side of Chemistry – Candy"

• October 2013 Topic: Energy -Theme: "Energy: Now and Forever!"

• October 2012 Topic: Nanotechnology - Theme: "Nanotechnology: The Smallest BIG Idea in Science!"

• October 2011 Topic: Chemistry and Health - Theme: "Chemistry: Our Health, Our Future!" "



Nano Content Map
Nanometer-sized things are very small, and often behave differently than larger things do.
Scientists and engineers have formed the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology by investigating properties and manipulating matter at the nanoscale.
Nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanoengineering lead to new knowledge and innovations that weren't possible before.


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