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National Chemistry Week 2015

Sunday, Oct 18, 2015
Saturday, Oct 24, 2015
the National Chemistry Week 2015 theme is: Chemistry Colors Our World: the chemistry of food colors and fireworks, rainbows, natural dyes and pigments, and more National Chemistry Week is a community based program of the American Chemical Society (ACS). This...

National Chemistry Week 2020

Sunday, Oct 18, 2020
Sunday, Oct 25, 2020
This year's National Chemistry Week's theme is "Sticking with Chemistry." National Chemistry Week (NCW) is a public awareness campaign that promotes the value of chemistry in everyday life.

Earth Day 2020 - 50th Anniversary

Saturday, Apr 18, 2020
Sunday, Apr 26, 2020
April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Since 1970, Earth Day has increased awareness of the planet we live on, pollution, climate change, endangered species, and many other environmental issues. The NISE Network has many resources, in addition to your toolkit, to help you plan for your Earth Day celebration. Earth Week takes place on the week around Earth Day.

Mercury Transit November 11, 2019

Monday, Nov 11, 2019
Monday, Nov 11, 2019
On November 11, we will see the planet Mercury move in front of the Sun for the first time since 2016, and the last time until 2032! When: Monday, November 11, 4:35 a.m. to 10:04 a.m. PST Where: Daytime (when...

International Science Center and Science Museum Day - November 10th

Sunday, Nov 10, 2019
Sunday, Nov 10, 2019
The International Science Center and Science Museum Day (ISCSMD) is a yearly, global event illustrating the impact and reach of all the world’s science centers and science museums. It demonstrates the role these institutions play with their millions of visitors...

Moon Landing 50th Anniversary - Apollo 11

Saturday, Jul 20, 2019
Saturday, Jul 20, 2019
During the Apollo program of the 1960s and '70s, NASA sent nine missions to the Moon. Six of them landed astronauts safely on the surface, the only times humans have visited another world July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary...

A Universe of Stories 2019 Summer Learning Program

Saturday, Jun 1, 2019
Saturday, Aug 31, 2019
In the summer of 2019, many libraries across the country will celebrate space exploration in their summer reading programs. The slogan “A Universe of Stories” was chosen by library professionals to help inspire children of all ages to dream big...

Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW) 2019

Sunday, Apr 21, 2019
Sunday, Apr 28, 2019
Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW) encourages American Chemical Society (ACS) members and science enthusiasts to build awareness of chemistry at the local level. ACS local sections, schools, businesses, and individuals are invited to organize or participate in events in their...

Total Lunar Eclipse - Sunday January 20 - Monday January 21, 2019

Sunday, Jan 20, 2019
Monday, Jan 21, 2019
If skies are clear, viewers in North and South America, as well as those in western parts of Europe and Africa, will be able to watch one of the sky's most dazzling shows on late Sunday night January 20th and early Monday morning Jan. 21, 2019, when the Sun, Earth and Moon align creating a total lunar eclipse. Learn more from NASA including eclipse hands-on activities:…

International Year of the Periodic Table - 2019 Year-long event

Tuesday, Jan 1, 2019
Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019
The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements is one of the most significant achievements in science, capturing the essence not only of chemistry, but also of physics and biology. It is a unique tool, enabling scientist to predict the appearance and...

American Chemical Society (ACS) Fall 2018 National Meeting & Exposition

Sunday, Aug 19, 2018
Thursday, Aug 23, 2018
The 256th National Meeting & Exposition is taking place August 19 - 23, 2018 in Boston, MA. This year's meeting theme is Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Beyond. Team members of the NISE Network project, ChemAttitudes, which is a collaboration with the American Chemical Society, is co-leading a symposium on "Informal STEM Education: Innovation and Collaboration" and is seeking abstracts, which are due March 26, 2018.

Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017

Monday, Aug 21, 2017
Monday, Aug 21, 2017
2017 Total Solar Eclipse Who? What? Where? When? and How? ​ Who Can See It Lots of people! Everyone in the contiguous United States, in fact, everyone in North America plus parts of South America, Africa, and Europe will see...

Visitor Studies Association Conference 2017

Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017
Sunday, Jul 23, 2017
The Visitor Studies Association (VSA) seeks proposals for session presentations and workshops for the 2017 conference in Columbus, OH July 18-22. VSA seeks to foster a sense of community among its members, who gather once a year to pose intriguing...

American Alliance of Museums (AAM) 2015 Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo

Saturday, Apr 25, 2015
Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015
NISE Network Happy Hour: The Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) invites partners to gather informally for happy hour. Both old and new partners welcome! No need to RSVP, just stop by. Monday, April 27th, 2014, 5pm-7pm Max Lager's...

NanoDays 2015

Saturday, Mar 28, 2015
Sunday, Apr 5, 2015
NanoDays 2015 will take place March 28-April 5, 2015 Learn more: About NanoDays How to participate and Eligibility Digital Kit Contents Participants

International Year of Light 2015

Thursday, Jan 1, 2015
Thursday, Dec 31, 2015
The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL 2015) is a global initiative that will highlight to the citizens of the world the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development...

National Chemistry Week 2014

Sunday, Oct 19, 2014
Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
National Chemistry Week is a community based program of the American Chemical Society (ACS). This annual event unites ACS local sections, businesses, schools, and individuals in communicating the importance of chemistry to our quality of life. National Chemistry Week 2014's...

Visitor Studies Association Conference 2014

Tuesday, Jul 15, 2014
Saturday, Jul 19, 2014
The 2014 Visitor Studies Association Conference is to be held July 15-19, 2014 in Albuquerque, NM around the theme Building Capacity for Evaluation: Individuals, Institutions, the Field. For our 2014 conference, VSA invites the informal learning community to join us...

American Alliance of Museums (AAM) 2014 Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
NISE Network Happy Hour: The Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) invites partners to gather informally for happy hour. Both old and new partners welcome! No need to RSVP, just stop by. Date & Time: Monday, May 19th, 2014...

International Year of Crystallography 2014

Wednesday, Jan 1, 2014
Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014
The International Year of Crystallography 2014 (IYCr2014) commemorates not only the centennial of X-ray diffraction, which allowed the detailed study of crystalline material, but also the 400th anniversary of Kepler’s observation in 1611 of the symmetrical form of ice crystals...


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