Promotional Materials, Logos, and Publicity Images

The NISE Network has created a variety of promotional and marketing materials for partners to use when promoting their educational events and activities. These materials include logos, color and font specifications, photos, ads and other promotional pieces.


NISE Network fact sheet image


NISE Network Fact Sheets and Brochure for Partners



NISE Network overview slides title slide

NISE Network overview slideshow



NISE Network Photo Gallery on SmugMug


NISE Network SmugMug photo galleries
(includes publicity photos available for use under the NISE Network's Creative Commons license)

Social Networking

Facebook logo icon


Social Networking Links and Hashtags

Logos, Marketing Materials



NISE Network logo - National Informal STEM Education Network


Explore Science Earth Space logo


Explore Science: Earth & Space logos  
Explore Science: Earth & Space Event Planning and Promotion Guide

Sustainable Futures logo


Sustainable Futures logos



Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry logo

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry logos  

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Event Planning and Promotion Guide


Sun Earth Universe exhibition logo

Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition logos
more Sun, Earth, Universe host materials and downloadable resources 
more about the Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition

Frankesntein200logo square


Frankenstein200 planning and promotion guide
Frankenstein200 palette, fonts, and logos


 Sustainability Promotional and Marketing Materials

 Building with Biology Event Planning and Marketing Guide
 Building with Biology Promotional Materials  (Digital copies of ads, posters, and banners)
 Building with Biology logos 
 Building with Biology press photos


    Nano mini-exhibition logos and marketing guide  
   (includes logos, colors, press release, photos, acknowledgments)


ExploreScience zoom into nano

Museums & Community Partnerships
Explore Science - Zoom into Nano kit promotional materials
(includes logos, colors, press release, photos, acknowledgments)


  NanoDays marketing and promotional materials
  (includes logos, artwork, and press release)      


  NanoDays Promotional Video 
  (30 seconds and 15 seconds formats)  


  NanoDays Planning Guide
  (includes an overview of promotional materials and suggestions) 


  NanoDays Publicity Photos 
  (includes photos, contact sheet, and credits)  


  Nano Style Guide - Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network
  (includes logos, artwork, and use guidelines)   (ARCHIVE)

  NISE Net Cafe Press NanoShop for nano themed merchandise
               (t-shirts, logo-themed materials)


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