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Short Activities

Short activities are brief hands-on experiences lasting less than 15 minutes for small groups of people. They are often presented at a table, cart, or demonstration space in a variety of settings such as a museum exhibit gallery, classroom, or other public or group setting. Multiple short activities can be combined to form a longer activity.

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Rocket Reactions

Rocket Reactions

In this activity, learners experiment with finding the best mix of "rocket fuel" by making miniature baking soda and vinegar "rockets" that shoot plastic caps into the air.
Star Formation

Exploring the Universe: Star Formation

In this activity, learners model a star-formation process by adding energy (via a hairdryer) to matter floating in space (ping pong balls) to see how much of it they can get to "clump" in an empty container.


In this activity, learners see and interact with the nanomaterial aerogel and discover its unique properties.

Exploring Nano & Society - Tippy Table

In this activity, learners have a conversation about additional blocks they can place on the tippy table component of the Nano Mini-Exhibition.
Exploring Properties - Capillary Action activity components including signs, activity materials and guides.

Exploring Properties - Capillary Action

In this activity, learners explore how liquids flow in narrow spaces.
DIY Nano activity

DIY Nano: printable PDF version

In this series of activities, families of learners can experience and learn about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology at home or on the go!

Why are Seashells so Strong?

In this activity, learners explore seashells and various structural models to discover that seashells are a composite material made of both inorganic and organic materials.
Oil spill video sactivty two comparison cups of oil, water, and sand

Oil Spill Clean Up Simulation

In this activity, learners use natural sand and hydrophobic sand to learn about oil spills and cleanup.
Exploring Earth: Rising Sea activity showing hands drawing contour lines on plastic box

Exploring Earth: Rising Sea

In this activity, learners explore how to use topographical mapping techniques to track changes in sea level and have discussions about the effects of rising sea levels on the environment and coastal communities.
Caregiver and two children using the paper mountains activity

Exploring Earth: Paper Mountains

In this activity, learners make unique mountain models from crumpled paper and watching how water moves across them.


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