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"Forms of Carbon" short activity

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March 28-April 5, 2015

The NanoDays 2014 digital kit is now available for download!


Featured News

Partner Highlight: Robots, Bees, and Nano, Oh My!: NanoDays at the Delaware Museum of Natural History

Jayatri Das, The Franklin Institute

Many of our favorite applications of nanotechnology—from water-repellent fabric to iridescent materials—are inspired by nature. These connections have made nano programming a great fit for many of the NISE Network’s natural history museum partners, including the Delaware Museum of Natural History. But visitors aren’t always aware of the link between nature and technology, says Kari Lawrence, the Museum’s education manager, so programs like NanoDays offer a chance to highlight this cutting-edge science while also building new relationships in their community.

Nano Bite: August 2014

Stay Connected! Learn about new events and resources by reading the latest issue of the Nano Bite, the monthly e-newsletter for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net).

Partner Highlight: Inspiring Students and Teachers Across the Globe: NanoDays in South Africa

Jamey Wetmore, Center for Nanotechnology in Society, Arizona State University

The plan at the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University (CNS-ASU) for NanoDays 2014 was originally pretty simple: train a couple dozen graduate students and have them present demonstrations in a tent to some of the over 200,000 visitors at the Tempe Festival for the Arts. Then came the phone call: “Do you also want to do NanoDays in South Africa this year?”

Applications open for RISE Workshop on "Implementing the Sharing Science Workshop & Practicum"

Carol Lynn Alpert

Does your organization currently - or in the future want to - involve nano researchers in doing outreach to family audiences at a science museum or other informal science setting?   The RISE group is offering a professional development workshop for NISE Network partners involved in training and preparing researchers for volunteering at education/outreach events in informal education settings, or who have plans to begin doing so.


Making the most of your mini-exhibition: Marketing Guide

Christina Akers
mini-exhibition reading boards

This blog post is part of a series providing information for organizations hosting the Nano mini-exhibition created by the NISE Network about the use, maintenance, and general ways to enhance your copy of Nano.

If there’s not an app for it, there’s usually a guide!

Making the most of your mini-exhibition: Getting Started

Christina Akers
nano mini-exhibition

This blog post is part of a series providing information for organizations hosting the Nano mini-exhibition created by the NISE Network about the use, maintenance, and general ways to enhance your copy of Nano.

Whether you are currently hosting Nano or planning to host Nano, one of the first places to refer to is the Nano mini-exhibition listing on the website:

2015 Mini-Grant Application Opens August 1, 2015! (Applications Due October 1, 2014)

Christina Akers

What’s a mini-grant?

The NISE Network is making available a limited number of small, one-time awards to support initiatives by NISE Net partners to engage their local audiences in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology topics. Requests can be made for an award up to $3,000 dollars to fund a small project or be put towards a larger endeavor.

Program Overview

Online Brown-Bag: Localizing Your NanoDays Kit: Adapting Kit Material for Local Culture and Industry

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NISE Net partners have adapted NanoDays activities to extend and increase engagement and understanding of nano in their local communities. From creating a series of culturally based activities for camps and school outreach to using kit activities to foster closer relationships with local industry, we'll explore ways to identify the need and what steps these museums have taken to successfully bring nano to their community.

Online Brown-Bag: Exhibit Small Talk - Tips for Hosting the Nano Mini-Exhibition: Marketing Strategies

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Second in a series of brown bags about the Nano mini-exhibition, we will be discussing strategies for marketing the Nano mini-exhibition. We will go over promotional materials developed by the NISE Network for the exhibit. We will review the development process, and provide ideas on adapting these resources for use by your museum. We will also show examples from partners who have adapted NISE Network materials for use in their Nano advertising.