The NISE Network is a national community of researchers and informal science educators dedicated to fostering public awareness, engagement, and understanding of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology. is an online digital library of public nano educational products and tools designed for educators and scientists.

"Exploring Structures - Butterfly" (NanoDays 2012) short activity

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March 28-April 5, 2015

The NanoDays 2015 digital kit is available for download!  

​NanoDays 2015 physical kit application period is now closed.


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NanoDays 2015 digital kit is now available for download!

Catherine McCarthy
family using a NanoDays 2015 activity

The new 2015  NanoDays digital kit materials are available for download!
Getting a digital kit is easy - you don't need to fill out an application or log in to download a digital kit.

Digital kits are free, downloadable materials available to anyone. The digital version of the kit is designed particularly for international locations outside the United States, K-12 educators, libraries, and other educational organizations. Many of the activities use inexpensive, readily available supplies.

Nano Bite: March 2015

Welcome to the March Nano Bite, the monthly e-newsletter for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net).


Partner Highlight: More Than Meets the “I” at Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Marcos Stafne, PhD, Brooklyn Children’s Museum

How do you get a science center, technology museum, a national science network, a public library system, a 3D printing service and marketplace, a camera company, and a university research center to work together—you just have to pick up the phone and talk about nanotechnology.

Online Brown-Bag: Pseudoscience and Nanotechnology

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New science, like nano, can be misused, misconstrued, or co-opted by greed. This online brown-bag conversation, Pseudoscience and Nanotechnology, will explore how to identify poor science and will examine how the word 'nanotechnology' has been used to sell a variety of products.

Nano Bite: February 2015

Welcome to the February Nano Bite, the monthly e-newsletter for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net).


NISE Net News and Announcements - Shipping the Boxes and Zipping the Files: NanoDays 2015 News!
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Featured on the Website - Valentine's Day NISE Net-Related Activities
Partner Highlight - Real-World Examples of NISE Net's Team-Based Inquiry (TBI) - Tulsa Children's Museum Shares Their Evaluation and Capacity Building Project
Nano in the News - Snowflakes All Fall in One of 35 Different Shapes, A Billion Holes Can Make a Battery
Community News - National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) Multimedia Contests, Visitor Studies Association Conference 2015 (Call for Posters Now Open)

Online Brown-Bag: The Science Behind NanoDays 2015 - Part 2

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Are you interested in learning more about the science behind the NanoDays activities? Do you want to know more about how the NanoDays activities are related to cutting-edge research? Then please join us for an exciting presentation that will focus on the applications and scientific background behind NISE Net activities related to food and microscopes.

Online Brown-Bag: Improving NanoDays Trainings with Team-Based Inquiry - Partner Examples

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Did you see that book or those digital files about something called Team-Based Inquiry (TBI) in your NanoDays kit? Are you wondering what they are all about? Join us as we talk about Team-Based Inquiry, an evaluation-capacity building process developed by the NISE Network, and discuss a couple of different ways you can think about improving your institution's events, programs, or trainings using TBI!