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See-Through Toasters and More in Five Minutes or Less

Vrylena Olney

Here's one easy way to learn about some new nano applications. Industry analyst Marlene Bourne hosts a 5-minute podcast series called the Bourne Report on "next generation science, cool technologies, and real products" that often features nanotechnology. You can find the full archive here.

Recent podcasts that might be particularly applicable to the NISE Net crowd:

#124 - Staying Warm about a new nano-particle coating that promises to...


Zooms Now Zooming Properly

Vrylena Olney

We had some glitches recently with the digital zoom files, but no more! The working digital zoom files are here along with instructions for downloading.

The zooms, Zoom into a Human Hand, and Zoom into a Nasturtium Leaf, are interactive media pieces that highlight relative scale and other key nanoscience concepts, and were developed by the NISE Net's Visualization Lab team.

The zooms use the same interface to highlight different content areas. Zoom Into a Human Hand presents a series of photographs...


Washington DC Nano News - It's Lobbying (um... I Mean Advocacy) Season

Margaret Glass

authored by Margaret Glass, ASTC

In DC, there is a special season inserted in the early part of the year. It falls just after the start of a new Congress and runs right up to the Cherry Blossom Festival. No, it is not 8th grade civics class field trip season - that comes later.

Called either “Lobbying” or “Advocacy” Season (the latter term preferred by state and federal employees), this season constitutes a brief window of opportunity for voters to get messages across to their elected officials while the paint is still drying in their new offices, and...