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Review of NISE Net Evaluation Findings: Years 1-5 Summative Evaluation

Report date: May, 2011



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General Description: 

The Review of NISE Network Evaluation Findings: Years 1-5 seeks to investigate the work of the NISE Network since its inception in 2005 and provide an overarching summary of NISE Net Public Impacts evaluation efforts to the NISE Network and the broader ISE field

Major Findings: 

This Review is divided into six chapters, representing the following themes:

• Connecting ISE Professionals with Nano Informal Science Education;
• Connecting University-Affiliated Individuals with Nano Informal Science Education;
• Engaging the Public in Learning about Nano through NISE Network Educational Products;
• Engaging the Public with Societal and Ethical Implications Content through NISE Network Products;
• Making the Unfamiliar Interesting and Relevant for Museum Visitors; and
• Reaching Public Audiences through the NISE Network.

Each chapter is written to stand on its own so that the reader can make decisions about the content areas that are of interest and importance to his or her own work.


Christine Reich
Juli Goss
Elizabeth Kunz Kollmann
Jane Morgan
Amy Grack Nelson


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