Mixing Molecules

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Mixing Molecules is a full-body immersive simulation demonstrating the collision of molecules at the nanoscale. The digital interface allows visitors to use their shadows to “push” animated molecules that are projected onto a screen in a darkened room. Visitors can manipulate the collsion of the molecules, speeding or slowing the formation of new compounds. The piece demonstrates the connection between the nanoscale - where individual molecules collide with each other - and the macroscale where many small random collisions appear as one larger, consistent motion.



Big Idea: 
Molecules are always in motion. When they happen to collide, they can react to form bigger molecules.
Nano Content Map: 
  • Nanometer-sized things are very small, and often behave differently than larger things do.


Owning institution: 
This product was created by Mine-Control working with the New York Hall of Science for the NISE Network Visualization Lab; contact www.mine-control.com

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