MRS Spring 2009 Meeting

MRS Spring 2009 Meeting

April 13, 2009 - April 17, 2009
San Francisco, CA

NISE Net's collaboration with the Materials Research Society

The Materials Research Society (MRS) is a professional organization that includes many scientists working on nanotechnology research. A natural partner for the NISE Net, MRS helps to link scientists and researchers interested in public outreach with informal science education projects and institutions. Some MRS scientists are speakers for NanoDays, others advise on the content of projects, and still others provide meeting venues for NISE Net activities.

In addition, MRS maintains a database of scientists who have volunteered their interest in participating in the NISE Network. The database, as well as MRS representatives, can help connect museum professionals with the scientific expertise they need.

Each year, MRS holds two international meetings, one in Boston in the fall and the other in San Francisco in the spring. NISE Net participates in these meetings in a variety of ways, giving workshops, meeting people, and bringing new scientists into the network. Here, as an example, are the NISE Net's activities at the Spring 2009 meeting.

NISE Net-sponsored instructional seminars:

  • Mastering Public Presentations
  • Crafting Successful Broader Impacts Plans for NSF Proposals
  • NISE Net Booth in the Public Outreach Center

    NISE Net representatives from the Science Museum of Minnesota, Lawrence Hall of Science and UW-Madison MRSEC demonstrated activities from the NanoDays kit to meeting participants and helped new volunteers get registered in the MRS/NISE Net database. They also handed out information about the NISE Network and about how to participate in NanoDays. NISE Net reps also presented activities at several social functions.

    The fall 2009 MRS meeting will be from November 30 - December 4 in Boston. For information about MRS's collaboration with NISE Net or to learn more about the database, contact Richard Souza.