Small Matter audio series - Nano-Warriors: Pitting Chemistry Against Cancer story

Small matters audio series
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Small Matters is an audio series that tells stories about the little things in life: chemistry. It’s an invisible world of crackling power and fundamental stability that lies deep within and all around us. Join us as we zoom in on what holds it all together — and sometimes blows it apart.

Nano-Warriors: Pitting Chemistry Against Cancer story: Ari Daniel interviews chemist Shanta Dhar about her passion for chemistry and using nano particles to find a cure for cancer (5:30 minutes)

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  • Nanotechnologies—and their costs, utility, risks, and benefits—are closely interconnected with society and with our values.


Produced by The NSF/NASA Center for Chemical Evolution. The CCE is funded by the National Science Foundation and the NASA Astrobiology Program (NSF Center for Chemical Innovation: CHE-1004570).
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Produced by The NSF/NASA Center for Chemical Evolution Our editor is Eileen Bolinsky and our musician is Shane Winter. Our story illustrations are by Heather Larkin. A special thanks goes to Andrew Vaughn and Trident University for their contribution to this project.

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