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Check Your Box & Missing Items - 2020 Explore Science: Earth and Space Toolkit Part A

February 20, 2020

Ali Jackson, Sciencenter

Check Your Box & Missing Items  

2020 Explore Science: Earth and Space Toolkit Part A

It has come to our attention that there are a couple of missing items from this year’s toolkit. We are mailing out replacement materials to all partners who received the 2020 Part A physical toolkits. 


Exploring the Universe: Star Formation

Check your box: Please take a quick look now at your materials for Star Formation. Did you receive two differently sized foam balls? If you only received one size of foam balls, please let know right away!

We are sending the following materials to add to this toolkit activity:

  • The Life Cycles of Stars 11" x 17" Poster (2) 

  • 30-second timer (1)

  • Electrical tape (1) - The facilitator guide mentions that the cool air bypass button on the hair dryer was permanently taped down. This taping did not happen. We are sending a roll of electrical tape and instructions to help you “lock” the cool air bypass in place.  

Instructions for hair dryer bypass fix: Cut a 12-inch piece of electrical tape. Apply gentle pressure as you wrap the tape around the button. The hair dryer is now ready for use.

hairdryer tape instructions for the Exploring the Universe: Star Formation activity

Exploring the Solar System: Design, Build, Test

Your Design, Build, Test activity kit comes with adhesive dots pre-attached to the shake test bed and a rubber slipmat for the spin test bed. The facilitator guide suggests using Command Strips™ to adhere the test bed contraptions to the table. These were not included in the original kit, but we are sending 12 Command Strips™ that can be used as an alternate attachment method.


Open Me First

Check your box: If you haven’t found it yet, please take a look inside BOX 1 of 4 for the aqua-stickered Open Me First box. This box contains all of the goodies plus the standard welcome letter and orientation printed materials.

A digital version of the 2020 Explore Science: Earth & Space Toolkit Part A, with downloadable versions of all the printed resources included in your physical toolkit is available online: If you are missing any print materials or want second copies you can print them directly from these files at anytime.


We apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused!  Please continue to let us know if you find you are missing resources from your toolkit.




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