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Photo of a group of people discussing Human Genome Editing at a public forum

Partner Highlight: A public gene editing forum in Phoenix Arizona from the eyes of a novice facilitator

October 4, 2021
Dean Frias
October Partner Highlight from Dean Frias, depicting the first time facilitating a public forum in Arizona.
Sublimation Bubbles - Eastern Oregon University

Partner Highlight: NISE Network Partners Celebrate National Chemistry Week 2021 - "Fast or slow...Chemistry makes it go!"

September 29, 2021
Christina Leavell
NISE Net partners celebrate National Chemistry Week in a variety of ways.
Institutional logo for Canyon Country Discovery Center

Partner Highlight: Creating Virtual Field Trip videos for a virtual audience- Canyon Country Discovery Center, Monticello, UT

September 9, 2021
Ben Muhlestein
Canyon Country Discovery Center engages with local community during the COVID-19 pandemic through innovative and educational videos posted to social media.
Science Central Ice Cream demo

Partner Highlight: Out of this World Programming - Science Central, Fort Wayne, IN “Mission to Mars” Summer Camp 2021

September 3, 2021
Christina Leavell
Science Central's “Mission to Mars” program features activities that engaged campers in everything from launching into space to working on the surface of Mars.
Behind the scenes image of the 2021 MoS Train-the-Trainer filming

Diving deep into the “Let’s Do Chemistry” framework through train-the-trainer workshops

August 4, 2021
Emily Hostetler, Museum of Science, Boston
The Museum of Science in Boston and the American Chemical Society hosted online train-the-trainer workshops for chemistry outreach professionals in fall 2020 - winter 2021 to dive deep into the Explore Science: Let’s Do Chemistry framework to learn how to increase the impact of their hands-on chemistry activities.
Brookhaven National Laboratory logo

Partner Highlight: Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY - Adventures in Nanoscience

July 27, 2021
Susan Frank, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Science Learning Center in Upton, NY develops a virtual "Adventures in Nanoscience" summer program for students entering 4th to 6th grade.
South Dakota Discovery Center Moon Murder Mystery 3.jpg

Partner Highlight: Moon Murder Mystery - South Dakota Discovery Center’s Creative Extension to the Moon Adventure Game

July 23, 2021
Christina Leavell, Science Museum of Minnesota
Learn all about South Dakota Discovery Center's creative extension to the NISE Network’s Moon Adventure Game.
changing brains logo with job title

New Job Opportunity in Neuroscience and Neuroethics Public Engagement with the NISE Network

July 20, 2021
Darrell Porcello, Children's Creativity Museum
The new Barbara Gill Civic Science Fellow in Public Engagement in Neuroethics will bring researchers and practitioners together to design the future of neuroscience public engagement with the NISE Network.
A docent explains the Gateway Science Museum Lending Library Program for Earth and Space Science Toolkits.

Partner Highlight: Sharing experiences about kit activity lending libraries

July 7, 2021
Frank Kusiak, Lawrence Hall of Science
Learn how some NISE Network partners have created activity lending libraries to share their kit activities with other organizations and educators in their community and create opportunities for broadening their reach.
2021 Summer Astrophotos Challenges teaser

Participate in the 2021 Summer NASA's Astrophoto Challenges

July 7, 2021
Dean Frias, Arizona State University
What's going on with the Galaxy #M87? How does its supermassive black hole impact the entire galaxy? Encourage your learners to explore more about M87, the target for this season of NASA's #AstrophotoChallenges


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