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Through the combined efforts of our partners, the NISE Network has a powerful impact on communities across the US.

Informal STEM education is informed by data and experience.

A professional community of practitioners design, implement, and study out-of-school STEM learning programs, exhibits, and media. This work is informed by evaluation studies, research on learning, and wisdom from practice. By gathering, studying, and sharing evidence about what works best, the field is continually improving in its efforts to involve all people in learning about and contributing to STEM.

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The NISE Network is a community of people who are passionate about making the world a better place. We’ve created this really remarkable way of working in the field, of collaborating with scientists, with educators. Through all the partners of the NISE Network, we can take these great products to an audience that we’ve never been able to reach before. There’s incredible power in that.


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NISE Network’s Nationwide Impact

Learners putting together a carbon nanotube model

Development Process

NISE Network materials are informed by data and expertise and improved through use and experience. We use an iterative, collaborative development process that involves educators, subject matter experts, learners, and evaluator/researchers. Our products are designed to be flexible and adaptable, to meet the needs of our partner organizations.
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Inclusive Audiences

Informal STEM education is designed for everyone! NISE Network creates materials that educators and STEM professionals can share with lifelong learners of all ages and backgrounds.
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Evaluation and Research

Evaluation is a process used to improve the design and function of educational experiences in informal learning environments and to measure progress toward goals. Research studies are designed to generate findings that will inform the broader field of informal science education.
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Publications Stored on Website Catalog

Due to copyright restrictions, only a small portion of published journal articles are archived on this website. Publications include journal articles, books, and other materials created for STEM education and science communication professionals.
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NISE Network Partners Across the Country

The NISE Network achieves its reach and impact through the participation of over 600 partner organizations in Network activities each year. This page includes a list of partners alphabetically by State and City. This list of institutions on this page is not exhaustive and only indicates partners who have received physical kits from the NISE Network. Many additional institutions and individuals use the NISE Network public engagement materials and many others have generously contributed their expertise towards the development of these materials.