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The NISE Network generates, develops, implements, and collaborates on projects that strengthen informal STEM learning in communities across the United States.

NISE Network projects and partners bring people together to engage in STEM, understand our world, and build a better future for everyone. 



One page summary of projects

A quick summary of NISE Network projects and opportunities (revised 9-22-21) is available for download

Funding acknowledgements for each project

Our funding sources and disclaimers are available on our Project Funding Acknowledgements Page

Earth and Space logo square


Space and Earth Informal STEM Education (SEISE)

STEM engagement materials and professional resources exploring authentic Earth and space science. The SEISE project has developed Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkits and Sun, Earth Universe exhibitions and provides related professional development.

Years: 2016 - 2022

Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkits 

Hands-on activities and professional resources

Sun Earth Universe logo square


Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition for museums

Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition components and materials
Sun, Earth, Universe mobile website





Moon Adventure Game logo square


Moon and Beyond

Years: 2019 - 2022

Moon Adventure Game 

STEM educational game that immerses players in scenarios related to lunar science and exploration



Building a Mars Habitat temp logo square


Build a Mars Habitat 

Years: 2020-2022

Hands-on exhibit component exploring how humans will survive and thrive on Mars

COMING IN 2022! The component will be added to the 52 copies of the Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition located throughout the United States




sustainable futures logo square

Sustainability in Science and Technology Museums

Years:  2016 - 2017 and 2019-2022

Public programs, hands-on activities, professional resources, and a fellowship program for museum professionals, all related to sustainability science and practice 

Sustainability Fellowship for professionals at museums and cultural organizations
Sustainable Futures collection of public programs 
SustainABLE kit of hands-on activities




Citizen Science, Civics, and Resilient Communities

Years: 2020-2021

Forums and citizen science projects about resilience planning related to heat waves, sea level rise, extreme precipitation, and drought




Let's do chemistry logo square



Years: 2016 - 2021

Hands-on activities and professional resources about chemistry

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit 



Changing Brains logo square


Changing Brains

Years: 2018 - 2022

An evolving project to empower public and professional audiences to experience, talk about, and reflect on personal, community, and societal connections of brain research and related technologies



Frankenstein logo square



Years: 2015 - 2021

Hands-on activities and professional resources about responsible research and innovation, developed in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the publication of the novel Frankenstein

Frankenstein200 kit 



Build with Biology logo square


Building with Biology 

Years: 2014 - 2017

Hands-on activities and professional resources to encourage conversation about synthetic biology 

Building with Biology kit of activities and related resources

Project website with additional archived materials:


Nano project logo square


Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network

Years: 2005 - 2017

STEM engagement materials and professional development resources about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology. This large project developed NanoDays kits, Zoom into Nano kits, the nano mini-exhibition, and many other resources. 



NanoDays logo square



NanoDays kits (2009-2016) with public programs, hands-on activities, media, and professional resources





Zoom into Nano logo square


Museum & Community Partnerships

Explore Science – Zoom into Nano kits (2016) with resources to foster partnerships and programming among museums and youth-serving organizations





Nano mini-exhibition logo square


Nano Mini-Exhibition for museums

Nano mini-exhibition components and materials







Professional Resources

Professional development for educators and scientists




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Learn about upcoming opportunities, events, ways to grow professionally, and inspiring stories from network partners.