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Learners putting together a carbon nanotube model

Development Process

NISE Network materials are informed by data and expertise and improved through use and experience. We use an iterative, collaborative development process that involves educators, subject matter experts, learners, and evaluator/researchers. Our products are designed to be flexible and adaptable, to meet the needs of our partner organizations.

Network professionals work together to create and share resources, practices, and knowledge.

Through our projects, we design, implement, and study out-of-school STEM learning programs, exhibits, and media. This work is informed by evaluation studies, research on learning, and wisdom from practice.

Network leaders and partners identify needs in the field and draw on our combined capacity and expertise to address them. Our project teams create resources and coordinate activities nationally, and partner organizations implement project activities locally. As Network professionals participate in project activities, they are able to adapt materials for their local community.

diagram showing the NISE Net development process from ideas to results

NISE Network educational materials are created through an iterative, collaborative process that involves scientists, informal education professionals, and targeted public audiences.

Front of the Children's Museum of Houston
The NISE Network has brought together institutions from all across the country to become one big think tank. It allows us to collaborate with a broad range of people, all of whom have different ideas, backgrounds, and understanding. The Network includes children’s museums, science centers, researchers--all of these partners working together towards a common goal.


Children’s Museum of Houston