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Short Activities

Short activities are brief hands-on experiences lasting less than 15 minutes for small groups of people. They are often presented at a table, cart, or demonstration space in a variety of settings such as a museum exhibit gallery, classroom, or other public or group setting. Multiple short activities can be combined to form a longer activity.

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Exploring Structures - Butterfly activity - two children looking at Blue Morpho butterfly

Exploring Structures - Butterfly

In this activity, learners investigate how butterfly wings get their color and that some wings get their color from the nanoscale structures on the wings instead of pigments.

Self-Assembly in Crystals

In this activity, learners explore self-assembly through an interactive demonstration on crystallization.

Nanotechnology Spin-a-Prize!

In this activity, learners discover the basics of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology through a game show format.
Family engaged in electric squeeze hadns-on activity

Exploring Properties - Electric Squeeze

In this activity, learners investigate the properties of piezoelectric materials using an ammeter, piezo disk, and piezo buzzer.
Oil coating demonstration on a lense that is oleophobic

Oleophobic Surfaces - Anti-Graffiti Demo

In this activity, learners explore several surfaces that display oleophobic properties due to material science research at the nano scale.

Exploring Nano & Society - Tell a Nano Story

In this activity, learners are inspired by picture cards to tell a story about nanotechnologies in the future.
Future Builder

Future Builder

In this activity, learners build a tower representing a future community. Learners will discover how sustainability is a balance of economic, societal, and environmental efforts.
Two automata on a table - one monster and one leaf being manipulated but a visitor


In this activity, learners build an automaton, a moving mechanical device that imitates the movement of a human, animal, or other living thing.
Plastic grocery baskets along with grocery store purchases including sunblock

Buy It, Or Better Not?

In this activity, learners consider the costs, risks, and benefits of nanoparticles in various products.
technology card for online brain donor registration

Step into the Shoes of Stakeholders training guide and materials

Professional development training tool to prepare scientific audiences to talk about public engagement around now & near-future brain research and technologies.


Learn about upcoming opportunities, events, ways to grow professionally, and inspiring stories from network partners.