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The National Informal STEM Education Network brings people together to engage in STEM, understand our world, and build a better future for everyone.

NISE Network supports a lifetime of STEM engagement

People learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) throughout their lives. While we often associate learning with school, during the average person’s lifetime there are actually more opportunities to learn at home, on the job, in the community, and in nature. Settings such as museums are specially designed for informal and lifelong learning. 

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We all work together to create something bigger than ourselves, and something that’s not just institutionally changing, but also community changing.


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The NISE Network generates, develops, implements, and collaborates on projects that strengthen and advance informal STEM learning in communities across the United States.

We achieve our impact through our partner organizations, which include science centers, children’s museums, universities, and others. Network projects create educational materials, support professional learning, and build capacity through collaboration and networking. 

As a professional community, we are committed to learning alongside each other and our partners, and to evolving the way we work as a result. We value:

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  • Opportunities for everyone to participate in meaningful STEM learning throughout their lives.
  • Interactive, imaginative, and social experiences that explore authentic STEM.
  • Collaboration among educators, scientists, community members, and others who contribute to lifelong learning.
  • Ongoing professional learning and use of promising and best practices.
  • Our network of partners that create and share resources, knowledge, practices, and ideas.
  • The impact we can have on the world when we work together toward common goals.



NISE Network is a National Community of Educators and Scientists

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Summary list of each of the different NISE Network affiliated STEM engagement projects.
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NISE Network Fact Sheets and Brochure for Partners

Fact Sheets and brochures describing the NISE Network and summarizing opportunities.
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The NISE Network's affiliated projects are generously supported by a variety of funders. Without their vital support these efforts would not be possible. Summary of project funding sources and acknowledgements for each project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to your common questions about the NISE Network.
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NISE Network Partners Across the Country

The NISE Network achieves its reach and impact through the participation of over 600 partner organizations in Network activities each year. This page includes a list of partners alphabetically by State and City. This list of institutions on this page is not exhaustive and only indicates partners who have received physical kits from the NISE Network. Many additional institutions and individuals use the NISE Network public engagement materials and many others have generously contributed their expertise towards the development of these materials.
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NISE Network Partner Organizations

The NISE Network achieves its reach and impact through the participation of hundreds of partner organizations across the country. Each NISE Network project has a different mix of core partners, advisors, funders, and partners. This page includes summary lists of leadership group organizations, core project partners for individual projects, and lists of partners across the country.
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Development Process

NISE Network materials are informed by data and expertise and improved through use and experience. We use an iterative, collaborative development process that involves educators, subject matter experts, learners, and evaluator/researchers. Our products are designed to be flexible and adaptable, to meet the needs of our partner organizations.