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All kit components and activities in Frankenstein 200 kit


Kits are a collection of STEM engagement materials and related professional resources focused on a specific topic. Kit elements are designed to complement and reinforce each other. NISE Network kits typically emphasize hands-on, social learning among members of the public, educators, and STEM professionals.

More About Kits

Posters for the Earth & Space kit

The NISE Network and its partners have developed a variety of hands-on activity kits on a range of STEM topics. Kits include hands-on STEM public engagement activities and professional development resources. Kit materials are designed for use in museums and are also suitable for use in other informal learning settings such as afterschool programs, summer camps, libraries, scouting groups, community organizations, and university public outreach programs. Kit activities may also be adapted by educators for use in formal education K-12 classroom settings.

Photo of Gummy capsules activity materials

Kits are a collection of public engagement materials and related professional development tools and resources related to a specific topic or project. Kit elements are chosen and designed to complement and reinforce each other.
Public engagement materials may include short hands-on activities, games, longer programs, activity signs, printed media such as posters, multimedia, and more.  

Associated professional resources may include activity facilitation guides, training slides, training videos, event planning guides, promotional materials, and safety information. Professional development resources are designed to prepare staff and volunteers to effectively deliver the public engagement products contained in the kit.

  • Physical kits are awarded through a competitive application process to eligible institutions, and

    include all the materials and supplies needed to implement the activities.

  • Digital kits are available online, and include all resources for free download and use.