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Earth Day 2010

March 26, 2010

Vrylena Olney

Earth Day is April 22nd, and there are lots of potential Earth Day - nano ties.  Here's a sample of resources, activities, and articles that might be relevant: 

Energy (general)

Solar Cells

Water Purification

  • DragonflyTV Episode: Water Clean Up (about using nanoiron to clean up pollution in soil and prevent it from getting into drinking water)
  • Museum of Science Podcast: Purrifying Pollutants (about using glass to remove oil from water, plus a videocast on the same topic)

Light Bulbs

Silver Nanoparticles

Gecko Feet

Nasturtium Leaves and Lotus Leaves

Nanotechnology and the Environment (general)

Know of more activities or resources that I haven't included here?  Leave a note in the comments!