MAKING STUFF Frequently Asked Questions

Vrylena Olney

Last week I posted information about the small grants MRS and WGBH are offering to organize outreach events around the premiere of Making Stuff.  Apparently, a lot of folks have had similar questions about the outreach events, so the team wrote up answers to the top questions:

  • Question: Does a local Outreach Coalition have to do everything on the list?
    Answer: No, you should propose what works for your community.
  • Question: Do all of the activities have to occur in the month of November?
    Answer: No, we’d like to see a number of the activities happen in November. Activities and events that are happening in October, November, and December are great! And of course, we hope that theMaking Stuff resources become tried and true activities that you’ll want to incorporate into your ongoing programming.
  • Question: How do we count the 2,000 people reached?
    Answer: The number 2,000 is a target that we are hoping local coalitions will aim for. We understand that rural communities and other groups may have difficulty reaching that number, but we wanted to give a metric that people can shoot for. As for the reporting mechanism, at the end of the project we’ll be asking local coalitions to give us a rough accounting of how many people they at each event, workshop or café that was hosted.