NanoDays 2012 kits ship soon

Catherine McCarthy

NanoDays kits will be shipped in early January, 2012. Please note that the kit will come in three separate boxes this year:

  1. very large box containing almost everything (30"x20"x18" in size)
  2.  flat box with the Build a Giant Puzzle activity
  3. small insulated package containing nano gold (which must not freeze!) so please don’t let it sit outside on a loading dock (if you want to learn more about what happens when nano gold freezes, see the Black Gold blog post)

You can see the entire list of materials here:

When you receive your very large box, look for the "Open Me First" packet. This has an introductory letter that you should read first describing the contents of this year’s kit and special resources. The new digital kit will be posted here by January 15th: