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NanoDays 2012 report - winners chosen

Catherine McCarthy

NanoDays logo   Two winners!

We have two randomly drawn winners who submitted their online NanoDays reports by the May 1st deadline.  Both will be receivinig additional educaitonal materials to use with their visitors:

  • Barbara McMillin, Program & Volunteer Coordinator

    the Children's Museum in Oak Lawn, Oak Lawn, IL

Congratulations to both and thanks to everyone who have submitted their reports!


Didn't Submit your report yet?

If you didn't submit your report by the May 1st deadline, please do go ahead and fill out your NanoDays Online Report anyway, we still want to hear about your experiences:

We ask that partners hosting NanoDays events report back to the Network about your experiences through this online survey. There are two sections in this survey:

1. A required report section, with questions about your NanoDays 2012 event to help us understand the kinds of events our partners host and how NanoDays materials are used. We also use this information in awarding future NanoDays kits.

2. An optional information-gathering section, with questions to help us improve future NanoDays kits and other NISE Net efforts and resources. We may use this information for future evaluations to improve the work of the NISE Network.

The report takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please note that it is NOT possible to save your work in the SurveyGizmo online form and return for additional edits. Reports left idle for too long will go blank when you progress to the next screen. Please plan to complete the online report in one session. You may want to write your responses in a Word doc, save, and then cut and paste that information into this report. Download the