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NanoDays Training Resources

February 1, 2010

Vrylena Olney

NanoDays is next month, and the NISE Net has a number of training materials that might be useful for those new to presenting nano content to public audiences:

There are also a number of non-NISE Net resources:

  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison MRSEC Interdisciplinary Education Group has some background information on nanotech topics available here and information on some materials science topics, including liquid crystals, here.
  • The Museum of Life and Science published a short survival guide for scientists and engineers interested in making effective classroom presentations (1996), that's available online here. Some of those guidelines are probably applicable for informal settings as well as formal settings.
  • If you're looking for pretty in-depth information for researchers, the European Commission developed two guides: a Scientist's Survival Kit and a Guide to Successful Communications. You can download both from their website here (scroll down, the guides are on the right).
  • Lisa Regalla, Science Editor at Twin Cities Public Television, presented a National Science Teachers Association/National Science Digital Library web seminar in November 2009 called Knowing Nano. The webinar has been archived and is available for free here.

(And thank you to Greta Zenner Petersen for helping me find these resources!)

A NanoDays volunteer at the Museum of Science, Boston.