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Partner Highlight: International Partner - NanoDays - The Italian Way!

Rashmi Nanjundaswamy

Dozens of children participated in the second annual Nano Piccola event in Gagliato, Italy, in July, which gave kids a chance to learn about nanotechnology and nanomedicine through hands-on activities and (little) talks by researchers from The Methodist Hospital Research Institute (TMHRI) in Houston, USA. TMHRI also held an event in Houston as part of the Gagliato. (watch video).

NanoPiccola -- formally Piccola Accademia di Gagliato delle Nanoscienze -- is a member of the NISE Network. The children's event is modeled after NISE's NanoDays giving kids an opportunity to meet real, live scientists, medical researchers, and learn more about nanotechnology as a possible career.

NanoPiccola is an educational offshoot of the Accademia di Gagliato's NanoGagliato conference, an event for medical scientists, research administrators, and business leaders, who meet each year to discuss developments in medical nanotechnology and opportunities for support and investment.

Nearly 20 scientists took part in NanoPiccola this year, including Methodist Hospital Research Institute President and CEO Mauro Ferrari, TMHRI Department of Nanomedicne Co-chair Ennio Tasciotti, and Chief of Spinal Surgery Bradley Weiner. Weiner, Tasciotti, and Ferrari are currently engaged in a nanotech project to develop bone-healing "BioNanoScaffolding" molecules.

In partnership with the NISE, scientists from The Methodist Hospital Research Institute are working to inspire the next generation of young nanoscientists around the world.

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