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Partner Highlight: The Nano Mini-Exhibition arrives at the Lewisburg Children’s Museum in Pennsylvania

Christina Leavell
Lewisburg Nano exhibition setup along wall
Nano exhibit at the Lewisburg Children's Museum, Photo credit: Lewisburg Children's Museum

After more than ten years, the Nano mini-exhibition is still going strong and can now be seen by visitors at the Lewisburg Children's Museum (LCM). Installed last month, this copy is being shared from the New Jersey State Museum. LCM staff, board, and volunteers all came together to get the piece installed and ready for visitors.


Check out the great photos below of the piece at LCM, as well as this wonderful walk-through video put together by staff.

A big thank you to our partners at the Lewisburg Children's Museum and the New Jersey State Museum for working together to bring the Nano mini-exhibition to new audiences! As a reminder, anyone interested in being a host site for the Nano mini-exhibition should contact Christina Leavell, the NISE Network Community Manager, to be added to our waiting list: [email protected] 


Lewisburg Nano-mini exhibition reading area.jpg
Visitors reading a story in the reading area, photo credit: Lewisburg Children's Museum
Children enjoying the I-Spy component of Nano, Photo credit: Lewisburg Children's Museum
Visitors experiment with ferrofluids at the Small, Smaller, Nano component, Photo credit: Lewisburg Children's Museum







Children work together to build a city on the Balance Our Nano Future component, Photo credit: Lewisburg Children's Museum