Pictures from NanoDays 2009: Port Discovery Children's Museum

Vrylena Olney

Congratulations to the Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore, MD, who hosted their first NanoDays today! They partnered with a number of local researchers to pull off their event, including the Howard University Nanoscale Science and Engineering Facility, the Society of Toxicology, the Maryland Biolab and University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute (UMBI).

Howard University's NanoExpress, a mobile nanoscience and technology lab (including graduate students!), spend the whole day at the Museum, letting visitors to explore nanoparticles, micro/nanofabrication, a scanning electron microscope, and more. Visitors also got the chance to participate in hands-on lab activities with the UMBI and the MD Biolab, who incorporated nano topics into their demos.

Staff from the Port Discovery Museum are now working with one of their new partners to host nano programming throughout the year!

More photos from the day: