Please check your 2017 Explore Science: Earth & Space physical toolkits!

KC Miller, Science Museum of Minnesota
2017 Explore Science: Earth & Space Toolkit

All the 2017 Explore Science: Earth & Space physical toolkits should now be delivered!

As you begin your preparations for your Explore Science: Earth & Space events this spring, we encourage you to go through each activity box sooner rather than later.

The list of everything that should be in the toolkits is available here:

We have had a few reports of missing items and spillages, so it would be good to know what you need to replace, instead of waiting until only a few days before your event. We sincerely apologize for any missing items or damages your kit may have sustained. The facilitator guide in each activity box lists the materials for that activity, as well as a source for those materials. However, if a missing item is not easily accessible, or is custom-made, we will do what we can to provide you with replacements for those pieces.

We would also like to note that the laser pointer for the Exploring Earth: Investigating Clouds activity has no batteries included. This laser pointer requires two AAA batteries that you will need to supply yourselves.

Best of luck with your preparations, and have fun engaging your visitors in Earth and Space science!


If you have questions please contact