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Testing the Vacuum Chamber (Mini-Bell Jar) in Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit Molecules in Motion activity

Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota

We just wanted to remind NISE Network partners who received a physical Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit to take a look through your kit and become familiar with all the activities and materials before you hold your events.

We’ve heard from a few partners that there is an issue with the Molecules in Motion activity's vacuum chamber (mini bell jar).

Check you have all the parts

It seems that their was a mixup from our supplier on a small number of the vacuums - most seem to be fine, but we have heard that a few are missing parts.

Please check the vacuum chamber (mini bell jar)  in your Molecules in Motion activity to be sure you have all the appropriate materials and it is functioning properly (see image below). We want to make sure that it works and all the pieces fit together as they should.  

Vacuum apparatus for Molecules in Motion
Vacuum chamber apparatus for Molecules in Motion activity


Test your vacuum chamber

To test your vacuum chamber please take a look at this helpful video from Educational Innovations to make sure it is functioning properly:


Still having difficulty or missing parts?

If something doesn't seem right, please contact Brandon Phan at [email protected] ASAP so that we can get it straightened out before you host your event!