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Zooms Now Zooming Properly

Vrylena Olney

We had some glitches recently with the digital zoom files, but no more! The working digital zoom files are here along with instructions for downloading.

The zooms, Zoom into a Human Hand, and Zoom into a Nasturtium Leaf, are interactive media pieces that highlight relative scale and other key nanoscience concepts, and were developed by the NISE Net's Visualization Lab team.

The zooms use the same interface to highlight different content areas. Zoom Into a Human Hand presents a series of photographs and micrographs of a human hand at different magnifications. Zoom Into a Nasturium Leaf is designed to accompany an exhibit or demonstration of the lotus effect, in which water beads and rolls of highly water-repellent leaves. Nasturtium Leaf takes visitors from the leaf itself down to the nanocrystals responsible for the phenomenon.

Here's a video of a visitor using one of the zooms at Montana State University's NanoDays celebration:

If you're still having problems with the zooms, Beck Tench ([email protected]) can help you out.