Cognitive Enhancement Teen Role Play Forum

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This forum plays on very real concerns and fears of students: academic performance and taking standardized tests. The crux of this forum is: if there was a supplement or embedded nanotechnology available to the public that will enhance your cognitive abilities by making you smarter or give you instantaneous access to the internet, how would you or local community handle it? Is it cheating? By taking on roles that are somewhat familiar to them, they can put themselves into the shoes of decision makers whether they are parents, teachers, or principals.
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Big Idea

The CETF is a forum where participants use role playing as a means to explore societal and ethical implications of nanotechnology on a topic they’ll readily identify with: academic performance. They will vocalize and examine their own values and engage others with their values.

Learning Goals

Learners will be able to explore societal and ethical implications of nanotechnology in regards to measuring academic performance.

Learners will be able to vocalize concerns and ambitions concerning the use of nanotechnology on their own bodies.

Learners will appreciate that the dilemmas explored in this hypothetical situation are very similar to dilemmas with current technology and medicine.

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Nanotechnologies—and their costs, utility, risks, and benefits—are closely interconnected with society and with our values.


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