Shrinking Robots!

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"Shrinking Robots!" explores the possibility of nanobots. Visitors learn what a robot is and how small real robots are today. They also learn that nanobots don't exist (yet) and consider some of the challenges in creating nano-sized robots. In the second part of the program, visitors design and build a robot toy from recycled and craft materials.


Big Idea

Right now, nanobots don't exist. There are many challenges related to creating a nano-sized robot.

Learning Goals

A robot is a machine that can sense, plan, and act.

The smallest robots that exist today are the size of the width of a human hair.

Nano is very, very small.

Nanobots (nano-sized robots) would be robots as small as cells or molecules.

Nanobots don't exist today.

There are significant challenges related to building, powering, and controlling nanoscale robots.

Nanotechnology means working at small size scales, manipulating materials to exhibit new properties.

No one knows what nanoscale research may discover, or how it may be applied.

Nano Content Map
Nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanoengineering lead to new knowledge and innovations that weren't possible before.



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