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Summative Evaluation icon that incorporates a buckyball

Summative Evaluation Study of the Nano Mini-exhibition Public Impacts (2013)

Summative evaluation report for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network on the public impacts of the Nano mini-exhibition that was distributed to museums across the country.
A girl playing the Exploring Size - Memory Game

Exploring Size - Memory Game

In this activity, learners play a card game exploring the different size scales - macro, micro and nano - objects within these different scales and the way these objects are measured.
Person looking at a thick test tube filled with static charged styrofoam beads

Exploring Forces - Static Electricity

In this activity, learners discover that electrostatic forces cause smaller balls to be suspended in a tube while larger ones fall to the bottom.
Young girl stacks large blocks with images on them

NanoDays 2012 Digital Kit

Digital download of all public engagement and professional development files in the NanoDays 2012 kit designed to engage the public in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology and their impact on society.impact on society.
Cards show the nanoscale images of everyday objects

What am I? Mystery Cards

In this activity, learners guess everyday objects based on their images at the nanoscale.
Young girl stacks large blocks with images on them

Build a Giant Puzzle!

In this activity, learners assemble blocks to make images and discover how different objects are connected to nanotechnology.
Learners pour beads into a sieve filter to sort by size

Exploring Size - Ball Sorter

In this activity, learners use sieves with different-sized holes, to sort balls by size and investigate filtering.
Children's hands exploring electrical conductivity with wires using cloth printed with graphene ink showing carbon structure model

Exploring Materials - Graphene

In this activity, learners will use tape and graphite to make graphene and test the conductivity of graphite.