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Photo of learners holding and examining gummy capsule creation

NanoDays 2013 Digital Kit

Digital download of all public engagement and professional development files in the NanoDays 2013 kit designed to engaging the public in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology and their impact on society.impact on society.
Learner colors paper elephant ears

Horton Hears a Who! Storytime

In this activity, learners make paper elephant ears to wear and listen to "Horton Hears a Who!" by Dr. Seuss before exploring scent molecules.
Learner uses 3D glasses to look at a image printed on a sheet of paper

Exploring Tools - 3D Imaging

In this activity, learners use 3D glasses to discover what ordinary objects look like under magnification.
A learner blows air on a pinwheel

Exploring Size - Moving Molecules

In this activity, learners use an air cannon toy to spin pinwheels to explore what makes up air.
Liquid crystal display activity components including signs, guides, craft materials, safety gear, and liquid crystal material

Exploring Products - Liquid Crystal Displays

In this activity, learners investigate temperature-sensitive liquid crystal sheets and liquid crystal displays from a calculator.
hand reaching inside box in Exploring Tools - Mystery Shapes NanoDays activity

Exploring Tools - Mystery Shapes

In this activity, learners use their sense of touch to investigate hidden objects.
Girl looking at objects in a beaker filled with liquid that appear to be invisible

Exploring Properties - Invisibility

In this activity, learners investigate how glass objects can be "hidden" in some liquids through refraction.
Two young learners and facilitator push down on a red magnet being repelled by a magnetic black base

Exploring Products - Computer Hard Drives

In this activity, learners use floating ring magnets to store data and model how computer hard drives works.
Memory Metal activity components including signs, guides, hair dryer, memory metal, and bucket.

Exploring Materials - Memory Metal

In this activity, learners compare the properties of a memory metal spring to an ordinary spring.
An overhead shot of a learner holding and comparing different theoretical technologies summarized on sheets of paper

Exploring Nano & Society - You Decide!

In this activity, learners sort and prioritize cards with new nanotechnologies according to their own values and the values of others.