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A screenshot of the zoom into a human hand interactive starting with a hand.

Multimedia Zoom Into a Human Hand

This downloadable and online interactive allows learners to travel from the familiar scale of their hand down to DNA deep within a cell.

Zoom Into the Human Bloodstream poster

An illustrated poster showing the human bloodstream across ten orders of magnitude; various printing formats with and without annotation included along with formative evaluation.
What is Nanomedicine video and interactive graphic

Intro to Nanomedicine video

An exhibit that was part of the Nanotechnology: What's the Big Deal? exhibition that is the introductory component for the Nanomedicine exhibit package; but the video on it's own is also an informative stand-alone media piece for other uses.
Nanomedicine Exhibit being used to a little girl.

Nanomedicine Explorer Kiosk exhibit

An exhibit that was part of the Nanotechnology: What's the Big Deal? exhibition that is an interactive, updateable multimedia kiosk and media package, that is also available as a component of the Nanomedicine Exhibition.

Scientific Image - Human Red Blood Cells

Magnified image of human red blood cells using an Optical Microscope.

Making Molecular Movies with QSTORM

In this stage presentation, learners are introduced to an interdisciplinary research project making advances in biological imaging.

Battling Cancer with Nanotechnology Video

In this 6-minute video, Dr. Mauro Ferrari presents his research on cancer nanomedicine.

Stealth Imaging with Iron Nanoparticles Video

In this 5-minute video, Drs. Weissleder and Harisinghani talk about their efforts to improve medical imaging with nanoparticles.

Zapping Tumors with Gold Nanoshells Video

In this 9-minute video, Drs. Halas and West talks about their nanomedicine-based approaches to cancer treatment.

Nanomedicine Explorer Website and Videos

The Nanomedicine Explorer is an interactive, bilingual, multimedia program and website with a standalone 3-minute intro video.


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