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educator in black shirt posing with a thumb up and a thumb down

NanoDays Training Materials

Professional development training resources to prepare staff and volunteers to facilitate NanoDays activities.
Facilitator in a black Y2K shirt introducing the presentation

Flying Cars

In this stage presentation, learners explore how people's predictions of future technology change throughout time.
Faciltator showing physical models of carbon and liquids in jars on a cart

Intro to Nano Cart Demo

In this activity, learners explore the basics about nanotechnology by mixing chemicals, turning potatoes black, generating electricity, and seeing invisible light in several demonstrations and experiments.
stock image of bars of gold

Treating Tumors with Gold

In this stage presentation, learners hear about a potential nanotechnology treatment that could kill tumor cells before considering questions about future targeted cancer therapies.
Person's hand resting a Stained Glass window

Nanoparticle Stained Glass (cart demo)

In this activity, learners make a collaborative stained glass window and a take-away card with pre-made nanoparticle solutions containing silver or gold
Facilitator with Sizing Things Down card game

Sizing Things Down card game

In this activity, learners compete against each other (or the activity facilitator) to organize their hand of cards into lists of objects from largest to smallest.
Two kids in cleanroom suits and PPE hugging and smiling at the camera

Tiny Particles, Big Trouble!

In this activity, learners investigate clean rooms by sniffing scents that are too small to see, trying on the head-to-toe suits that scientists wear in clean rooms, and manipulating pretend silicon wafers with tweezers.
Poster showing the different forms fo carbon molecules

World of Carbon Nanotubes Stage Presentation and Posters

Poster and slide presentation on carbon nanotubes.
Facilitator demonstrates how an inkjet printer works

Inkjet Printer

In this activity, learners explore how liquids behave differently at the small scale by examining how inkjet printers produce tiny, precise drops of ink.
Museum educator demonstrates biobarcodes hands-on activity

Biobarcodes: Antibodies and nanosensors

In this activity, learns explore antibodies and a nanomedical technology called Biobarcodes by assembling a jigsaw puzzle model.