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cover image for the nano exhibition guide about creating a small footprint exhibition

NISE Network Guide - Nano Exhibition: Creating a Small-Footprint Exhibition with Big Impact

This guide provides an overview of the Nano small footprint exhibition created by the NISE Network.
Evaluation tools icon

Team-Based Inquiry Training Videos

This is a series of training videos for an evaluation strategy to empower museum professionals to get the data they need in order to improve their products and practices and create successful educational experiences.
Summative Evaluation icon that incorporates a buckyball

Summative Evaluation Study of the Nano Mini-exhibition Public Impacts (2013)

Summative evaluation report for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network on the public impacts of the Nano mini-exhibition that was distributed to museums across the country.
TEAM Based Inquiry Guide Cover page showing image of three people talking

Team-Based Inquiry Guide (evaluation capacity building tool)

Professional development guide and evaluation tools for educators and researchers that explain each step of the Team-Based Inquiry (TBI) process and feature ways TBI is used in the NISE Network to improve educational experiences and professional practice.
Evaluation tools icon

NISE Network Program Evaluation Tools

Professional development evaluation tools for educators; includes survey instrument templates and observation forms to facilitate program evaluation.
Summative Evaluation_Sun Earth Universe exhibition cover page

Summative Evaluation of the Sun, Earth, Universe Exhibition (2020)

Summative evaluation report for the Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition examining the exhibition's reach and impact on the public.
Logo for online workshop recordings

Online Workshop Recording: Virtual Camps and Strategies to Reach Underserved Communities and Underrepresented Groups

Online professional development workshop recording (2020).
NISE Network SEISE Project Evaluation Earth and Space Toolkit Summative Evaluation cover

Explore Science: Earth & Space Activity Toolkits Summative Study (2019)

Summative evaluation study of the Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkits examining the number and range of audiences reached by the project, visitor engagement, relevance, science identity, and their understanding around content areas.
Building with Biology logo

Fostering Conversation about Synthetic Biology Between Publics and Scientists: A Comparison of Approaches and Outcomes Journal Article

Publication focused on two-way conversations and mutual learning between scientists and public audiences about synthetic biology in the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education.
Building with Biology Participant Impact Evaluation Report cove showing visitors using an activity

Building with Biology Summative Evaluation Reports (2018)

Summative Evaluation Report for Building with Biology project examining outcomes for: 1) public audiences and 2) scientists and informal science educators participating in the project.


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