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Components in NanoDays sunblock activity including sunscreen and black paper.

Invisible Sunblock

In this activity, learners compare nano and non-nano sunblock products to discover the effect of particle size on visibility.
Changing Colors Exhibit as viewed from the left.

Changing Colors exhibit

An exhibit that was part of the Nanotechnology: What's the Big Deal? exhibition that shows how some high-tech nanomaterials mimic natural phenomena.
hands holding up colored filters in Filtered Light activity

Exploring the Universe: Filtered Light

In this activity, learners discover how colored filters can help reveal more about an image and we can use light and filters to learn more about an object.
Exoplanet Transits

Exploring the Universe: Exoplanet Transits

In this activity, learners model one method to search for exoplanets by using a lightbox and mystery objects.
NISE Net calendar art

Calendar of Seasonal Events and Holidays - STEM Throughout the Year!

Educators can find ideas for incorporating STEM content into holidays, seasons, annual events, and special events throughout the year.
Hands holding square of polarizers and transparent tape

Exploring Materials - Polarizers

In this activity, learners experiment how polarizers affect light by using two polarizing sheets and overlapping layers of transparent tape.
Logo for online workshop recordings

Online Workshop Recording: Nano Brown-Bag: The International Year of Light 2015 - What's Nano about Light?

Online professional development workshop recording focused on the International Year of Light (2014).
Logo for online workshop recordings

Online Workshop Recording: Nano Brown-Bag: The Science Behind NanoDays 2013 - Part 2

Online professional development workshop recording (2013).
Materials for Exploring Properties - UV Bracelets NanoDays activity including beads and light source

Exploring Properties - UV Bracelets

In this activity, learners use ultraviolet light to change the color of beads that contain photochromic dye.
Girl looking at objects in a beaker filled with liquid that appear to be invisible

Exploring Properties - Invisibility

In this activity, learners investigate how glass objects can be "hidden" in some liquids through refraction.


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