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Mixing Molecules full body immersive exhibit with person in front of large screen

Mixing Molecules

Formative evaluation report of Mixing Molecules full-body immersive simulation exhibit demonstrating the collision of molecules at the nanoscale.
Creating Nanomaterials exhibit as viewed from the front

Creating Nanomaterials exhibit

An exhibit that was part of the Nanotechnology: What's the Big Deal? exhibition that demonstrates how scientists are using the ability of molecules to self-assemble to create consumer goods with surprising properties.
Molecules in Motion

Molecules in Motion

In this activity, learners experiment with putting various objects in a small vacuum chamber and explore how the materials behave and change when the air in the chamber is removed.
Adult and children sensing and discussing odors in Chemistry Makes Scents activity

Chemistry Makes Scents

In this activity, learners will use their nose to explore the differences between chemicals with similar structures and use large molecule models to visualize the structural differences.

Exploring Size - Moving Molecules

In this activity, learners use an air cannon toy to spin pinwheels to explore what makes up air.
Carbon nanotube structure from nanotubes activity

Nanotube Models

In this activity, learners will be able to use Molecular Visions model kits to build carbon nanotubes.
Amazing Juggling Nano Brothers show poster

The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show

Stage presentation using juggling focused on atoms, molecules, nanoscale forces.
Child smelling balloon using Exploring Size - Scented Balloons NanoDays

Exploring Size - Smelly Balloons (NanoDays 2010 and 2011)

"Exploring Size - Smelly Balloons" lets visitors use their sense of smell to explore the world on the nanoscale. They learn that we can smell some things that are too small to see, and that a nanometer is a billionth...


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